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For Friends & Family – Supporting a Wife After Betrayal

You never thought you’d have this conversation. Your sister/daughter/best friend just told you her husband had an affair, or she just discovered his pornography addiction. She is shocked, angry, and scared. You are shocked, too, having absolutely no idea what to do. What do you say? What do you ... READ the POST

3 Secrets to Finding the Right Betrayal Counselor

I’m going to tell you a secret… Most counselors have no idea what to do with betrayal. Let me pause to say I have the utmost respect for my fellow counselors and coaches. They are dedicated and passionate about helping their clients. Some of my favorite people are mental health providers, and ... READ the POST

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Tammy is compassionate, empathetic, patient, and encouraging.
Tammy is definitely the best therapist I have ever collaborated with. She has made a huge difference in many of my patients lives, including their social, spiritual, emotional, and physical well being.  - Kristin Rinn, RN, NP, MS, DNP
Thank you, Tammy. You make me feel strong and sane! I’m so thankful to you that you’re willing to share your heart and wisdom.